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How to Play: Mouse: Move Bullet Bill - Space: Pause

Note: To enter a password, type it in the box, then double-click the box before clicking "PLAY"

World 1-1 = n/a World 1-2 = 5J23t World 1-3 = 3B17Y World 1-4 = 7D59U
World 2-1 = 8G43I World 2-2 = 3Y51P World 2-3 = 3S41H World 2-4 = 1Y63M
World 3-1 = 9K62A World 3-2 = 9B48Q World 3-3 = 5X81H World 3-4 = 5G28F
World 4-1 = 6Z39W World 4-2 = 4C66T World 4-3 = 7B93J World 4-4 = 2Q19Z
World 5-1 = 5P38S World 5-2 = 2R92R World 5-3 = 2D72Y World 5-4 = 5Q14A
World 6-1 = 8U13A World 6-2 = 5H11B World 6-3 = 6V81Y World 6-4 = 6X95T
World 7-1 = 8G17L Worl d 7 r r -2 = 8A76B World 7-3 = 1V73W World 7-4 = 0T32P
World 8-1 = 3F15G World 8-2 = 9P41Z World 8-3 = 2Q26N World 8-4 = 8A77W


Bullet Bill 2

Bullet Bill has longed to see how far he can travel through Mario-esque levels filled with blocks, goombas, and more. He starts each try in the depths of the cannon where he will soon be shot out and sent packing on a one way journey that, hopefully, will last pretty long. See how high of a score you can get.
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